Power users, SanDisk’s got new high-performance USB drives for you

ExtremePro range promises SSD speeds (and capacities) in a portable package

Ever been absolutely annoyed by a file transfer that’s taking so long you have time to fit in a power nap? Turn that frown upside down with SanDisk’s new USB 3.1 drives.

SanDisk has launched a couple of new USB drives for the power user who just can’t wait. While it might not seem like a big deal to you, wait till you need to copy a few gigs worth of data before logging out of work in time to beat the rush hour traffic. That’s when you really get the point of having a speedy USB drive.

Step up to Extreme Go

First up is the Extreme Go. Available in 64GB and 128GB sizes, Extreme Go features data read rates up to 200MB/s and write rates of up to 150MB/s. In all, that should make it easy for you to grab music (er, all licensed stuff, we hope) off your desktop before that dream vacation to Bali. Extreme Go also supports SanDisk’s SecureAccess 128-bit encryption, keeping your data safe if you ever lose the drive.

SSD performance? Check out Extreme Pro

But SanDisk have another, even faster USB drive - Extreme Pro. Featuring ‘SSD speeds’, Extreme Pro comes in 128GB and 256GB flavours. Other stuff that’ll float your data boat include an aluminium casing, 420MB/s read speeds and 380MB/s write speeds. As you’d expect, Extreme Pro drives are compatible with SecureAccess encryption.

SanDisk is also offering a year’s free subscription to their RescuePro data recovery service. And you also get a ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’. Hooray!

But that’s not it - SanDisk has also introduced a new A1-class 256GB microSD card. Made specifically for phones, this new high-capacity card is fast enough for speedy app launches - making it a fantastic accessory if you’ve got a newer Android device which lets you install apps onto a microSD card.