This portable screen kit will give your laptop so much more room for activities

It’ll also make sure that no one sits next to you on the train

Slidenjoy isn’t the best name we’ve ever heard, but we’ll let that go, purely because it’s a piece of kit that will let us triple our daily GIF intake.

It’s a portable screen system which attaches two full HD screens to your laptop, letting you decadently bask in the glow of three screens, simultaneously.

The screens are foldable and slide into a central shell for portability, and attach to the rear of your laptop using built-in magnets.

Slidenjoy is keen to point out that the magnets won’t affect laptop displays in any way, although you will have to attach adhesive magnetic pads to your laptop lid.

Other uses for the screens include flipping them around and mirroring the main display, letting you share presentations (and hilarious viral videos of kids being knocked over by dogs), without having to crowd around a single screen.

The whole setup is powered by either one USB 3.0 port, or two USB 2.0 ports, and it definitely looks like a handy way to increase productivity and/or procrastination on-the-go. But it does look like it’ll take up a fair amount of space in your bag.

We’d also like to see just how sturdy the setup is in person, and we definitely can’t imagine using it on a sun lounger by the pool, as shown off on the Kickstarter page.

There’s also a single-screen Slidenjoy model, if two screens are all you’re after. That can be yours to pre-order on Kickstarter for €200 (about ₹14,000), while the dual-screen model will set you back €300 (₹21,000).

Three different screen sizes (13in, 15in and 17in) and different materials are all available at varying prices, and MacBook owners also have the option to snap up a laptop case, if they don’t fancy sticking magnetic pads to their lids.