Play ball at Field of Dreams in Gurgaon

Make your home run dreams come true at India’s first pro baseball facility

Quick. Make a list of things quintessentially American. Let’s see, we’ve got muscle cars, rock n’ roll, hot dogs, apple pie and presidents going wild on Twitter. But what about baseball?

Luckily, you don’t need a green card to get in on some home run action. All you need is a trip to Gurgaon. That’s right, all you Americana nuts. Grand Slam Baseball has partnered with Major League Baseball (yup, the MLB is involved) to set up a baseball field and club in Gurgaon. Spread over six acres, Field of Dreams will host training camps for players and budding coaches alike and will also focus on promoting the sport in India.



Three Strikes

They’re also launching a new Little League, and corporate, national, and even international leagues should follow eventually. But for those of you who aren’t too athletically inclined, Field of Dreams will also be home to a cafe and host events and festivals. Burgers and beer on the Fourth of July? That’s what we call a home run!