Plantronics brings out smart headphones that let you go wireless

Say goodbye to tangled wires

Not motivated enough to head to the gym? Here’s something to keep your eyes peeled for if you’re in the market for wireless headphones.


Plantronics has launched its BBT Pro 2 and BBT Fit headphones in India. Its latest headphones are lightweight and wireless enough that you’d think you aren’t wearing any.

The BackBeat Pro 2 claims to have a 35 per cent decrease in size and 15 per cent reduction in weight over the previous model. It also has smart sensors to detect whether you’ve stopped listening to your music and automatically pauses and restarts media to maximise battery life.



Quick charging

The BackBeat Fit has quick charging technology and has  voice prompts in several languages stating remaining listening time in hours. Its companion app allows you to select the language in which you’d prefer the prompts and enables wireless firmware upgrades.

While the BackBeat Pro 2 is available in black, the BackBeat Fit is available in blue, grey, black, fuchsia and green colours.