The Plantronics Backbeat Sense is a headset for the roving millennial

An ultra-light and feature-packed wireless headset that promises to be super comfy

The chaps who made the headset Neil Armstrong used on the moon have a new set of cans you can rock out to. The eagle has landed? We reckon it has.

Headphones are a dime a dozen. So are wireless ones. But Plantronics says its new Backbeat Sense is the lightest, comfiest and most feature-packed set you can find anywhere. Outta this world, they say…

At 140g, the Backbeat Sense is an ultra-light headset, which should make a difference for heavy listeners (and headbangers). Making it comfier are the memory foam cups and the soft headband. You also get playback buttons and an easy-as-pie rotary volume control.  

The Backbeat Sense works over Bluetooth and though the 100m range might not be enough for space-walking astronauts who’ve wandered too far from the mothership, it really should be more than enough for everyone else. You get up to 18hrs of playback on a charge, which means your next long-haul flight to South America won’t consist of 4 hours of heaven followed by a dozen or so of having to bear the sound of wailing babies. And for you hard-working execs, there’s OpenMic tech that turns off the music and pipes in external sound so you can hear your colleagues calling you for a post-work drink. And that’s not it – the Backbeat Sense packs in twin noise-cancelling mics for calls, a smart sensor with auto pause-resume and auto-mute capability, 6 months of deep sleep battery capacity, a 3.5mm cable for when it’s finally out of juice and a 45min charging time. Oh, we left out the audio bits? 32mm drivers and an advanced bass tube for what the chaps at Plantronics say will be their new signature sound. And of course, aptX, AAC, and A2DP support.

Like the sound of the Backbeat Sense? It’s available in two styles – black & espresso and white & tan – and carries a list price of ₹9999.