Pixeltek wants to replace your interior decorator

The next big thing in the world, after selfie sticks, is probably virtual reality

Who now wants to replace my decorator? Well, Pixeltek is a company known for its obsession with the gaming industry since its inception in 2004. Now it is using that experience to generate an interactive virtual environment through its exclusive and extensive software technology.

Pixeltek has been working with several companies such as Hero Group, Sterling Holidays, Genpact, Smaaash, as well as global companies like Ubisoft, Atari, Sierra and Vivendi.

Now that pleasantries have been exchanged, let’s tell you what it’s all about. So, Pixeltek helps to conceptualise and lets you into a virtual room through computer-simulated reality. The company has partnered with Discern Living, a discovery portal that simplifies the shopping experience for home and décor, and will launch via an app in mid-2016. The app will open up to consumers an accessible and instantly gratifying way to shop online from a multitude of vendors that will, with the products available, help complete any design project within the timeline and budget specified.

With the help of high-quality 3D models and top-of-the-line artwork, Pixeltek will bring five looks from Discern’s definitive Style Guide to life, allowing your messy self to step into a Mid Century Modern Living Room, a Classic European Living Room, a Traditional Indian Living Room, an Arabic Bedroom and a Trendy Industrial Dining Room.

Tempted to get your house sorted? Head to the website!