Pioneer launches an Android tablet-based system

In-car hi-fi gets hotter

The heydays of aftermarket car-audio may long be over but that doesn’t mean innovation has dried up too.

Pioneer, one of the leaders in car entertainment, has just launched a tablet combo with genuine Android OS that can be detached from the 2-DIN in-dash unit and anyone in the car can use it as an on-the-go entertainment device. The Smart Unit Receiver SDA-835TAB and SPH-T20BT will be sold as a combo for ₹33,890 and can optionally be paired with reversing cameras and parking sensors too.

The 8in screen on the SDA-835TAB has a resolution of 720p and runs on Android OS9, powered by an ARM Cortex quad-core A7 processor. The SPH-T20BT audio receiver, on the other hand, handles all the power for your music and acts as a cradle for the tablet with a 50W x 4 channel amplifier, Bluetooth, rear camera input and even video outs for connecting rear screens.

Your driving hours might be curtailed due to the lockdown now, but it seems you can still use your car for entertainment!