Photography enthusiasts find mentoring through Lumix India’s Virtual Workshops

#PassionNeverRests – the quarantine edition!

While a skill like photography is best honed on-the-job, the current situation has turned stepping out into a Herculean task, one you get dirty looks from house members for even mentioning out loud.

Before you lose hope, take out that camera and tune in to Instagram Live on April 18 for a masterclass on photography by Jassi Oberai on ‘How to create better composition and landscape in photography?” The outdoors can wait, but this chance of honing your skills while at home and getting expert guidance is one you probably won’t get again once outdoors aren’t a thing you only dream about.

These sessions are theme-based and are scheduled to take place thrice a week all the way till May 31. Photographers of great calibre cover a wide range of topics – catch the likes of Niklesh Malkani (wedding photography), P.K. Suri (destination weddings), Neeraj Vishwakarma (the nuances of Macro photography), and more over live sessions on Instagram and Zoom platforms.

Gear up for the next session, stay tuned for the upcoming sessions… who knows, you just saved a fortune you’d have spent on photography school altogether!