Photographers, go check out Canvera’s new album creation tools

Create stylish albums with Pixellu and Fundy Designer

Taking photos is just the start of your job. Why not make life easier by picking the right tools?

Haven’t heard of Canvera? Well, it’s an online print shop which lets you order prints and create fun stuff like photobooks, calendars, posters and  and albums. They’ve got stuff for pro photographers and even dilettantes like us (hey, nothing wrong with wanting to turn our vacation snaps into wall art. They’re that good, we promise).

But now they’re ramping up stuff for pro photogs - especially event and wedding gurus. That’s why Canvera’s tied up with with Pixellu and Fundy Designer to offer new album and photobook creation tools - use their templates, or if you’re too lazy for even that, try the auto-design feature! Interested? Then go check out Canvera’s new pro design tools.