Phones, laptops, cars and the Force - and more in the January issue of Stuff India

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2017 was a good year.

Welcome 2018 on a working note. We’ve tested multiple laptops and gaming machines, cars, TVs and phones as usual, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This month we have so many Tests for you that accommodating more would have meant printing a separate magazine. It’s been a good month, let’s leave it at that!

If the Force is all you need, enter 2018 with some droids by your side and all else that speaks Star Wars. While we’ve been busy putting together a rather effective list for fans of the franchise, we got a little work done as well. Leading the line is our latest superphone supertest, pitting the mighty Apple iPhone X against its four biggest Android rivals to establish which really is the best smartphone you can buy. If you’re looking to kick off 2018 with a new flagship phone, this is the definitive guide you need to read.

Inside the pages of the World’s best-selling tech magazine are some of the best laptops money can buy for you. Now whether you use them to work and boost your productivity or or kill it by spending endless hours gaming is a bigger predicament than even Hamlet found himself in. Rest assured, while you decide how to use your hours, Stuff is loaded with reasons that will help make a fresh start to 2018. The plethora of reviews will keep coming your way, no matter what your next purchase is!

Also inside are racing machines of the future. No fuel required - these mean machines run on battery, giving us a small, yet hopeful peek into the future. The formula of E-racing is simple - go eco friendly, without compromising on the fun factor, which is the driving formula of Formula E...Don’t forget, loads of this stuff can only be found by buying a copy of the mag. How to get your hands on this techi-licious treat?  It can be picked up from both physical and digital newsstands. Better still, why not subscribe and get the mag delivered straight to your door? Just click here to save yourself a trip to the shops. Instead, walk to the baker and pick up a few cookies to keep you busy while you wait for delivery.