The phone for the super-Vertu-ous

The Bentley of smartphones now comes in exciting colours and a price to match

There are those - the vast majority - who'd sell a kidney to own the latest from a fruit-flavoured brand of smartphones. And then there are those who don't have a kidney to spare and simply weep into their pillows each night - again a vast majority (we're bad at proportions here).

And then there are those, the elite few, who wouldn't need to sell a kidney if they wished to own said phone, and yet refuse to own one. So, what do these high-browed demi-gods carry in their pockets? Why, the Vertu, of course.

Very virtuous indeed

Look at it, this new collection from Vertu. Even the name is highbrow - the Vertu Aster Chevron. It's crafted from high-quality canvas material, and available in pink, blue or black. The handset, like all things Vertu, is a seamless combination of technology, exclusive services and innovative design, including a titanium chassis, sapphire crystal screen and the distinctive chevron pattern which replicates the classic Vertu “Vertissimo” motif.


And loaded too...

At the core is the 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad core processor and Android Lollipop, with a 13MP Hasselblad camera with autofocus and twin LED flash. Audio is courtesy Dolby Digital Plus, which promises superior sound reproduction, virtual surround sound and less distortion through front-facing, built-in stereo speakers. You can announce your individuality with exclusive ring and alert tones, all created for Vertu by renowned composers and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, no less.


And there's no overlooking the glorious Vertu Concierge - a 24/7 virtual butler at your beck and call to book you movie tickets, confirm flight timings or even let you know Natural's current seasonal ice cream flavour if your heart so desires. It's also your ticket to exclusive cultural events, private members' clubs, iconic fashion events and VIP packages to major sporting events where you're likely to hobnob with more of your kind.


Head to the Vertu Flagship Store at DLF Emporio in Delhi with around 3,00,000, or log onto to pick one up for €3900. And then get some dapper suits tailored.