Philips’ new flite headphone range is light on your head and wallet

Out with bulky, spine-breaking headphones - in with the featherlight ones.

Flite, featherweight, aero, ultra many words does it take to define a lightweight headphone? One word. Philips!

Philips has launched four new lightweight headphones that won’t require you to have uber strong neck muscles and a bank balance matching Vijay Mallya’s.



Slim, Trim, Mic check

First up, the Everlite over-ear headphones that come with 32mm speaker drivers for clear sound. They fold flat for easy portability and have soft cushioning for your delicate ears.

These have flat cables to avoid tangling and come with a mic and a play/pause button to change tracks or answer calls.

They cost 1,999 and come in metallic finishing.



Slim and Trim

Maybe you don't want a built-in mic and have 500 bucks less because Netflix’s monthly subscription needs to be paid as well.

Well you’re in luck, the Aerolite over-ear headphones offer the same function and feel as the Everlite. Except they don’t come with a built-in mic.

So save that 500 to add another month of Netflix to your binge-watching addiction and throw in these for 1,499.



Slimmer and Trimmer

Everlite and Aerolite? Pfft. Too heavy for your delicate ears? Try the Ultrlite.

These on-ear, ultra-light headphones don’t come with flat cables and a built-in mic but they do offer the same 32mm speaker driver as the Aerolite and Everlite.

However, you can find one with a mic built-in on Philips’ website costing 999.



Size zero?

If weight loss is essential to your daily heavy metal jam, the Hyprlite are super slim and incredibly light weight.

They have sleek metallic gloss accents with a built-in mic and a button control for your tracks.

The pair are super slim, but don’t trim down on the audio quality. They come packed with a bass tube and cost 999.