Personal could gets better with Synology’s DiskStation update

Synology unveils strategies for future data management

While some freak out when they hear about their data being backed up on the cloud, others are craving for more storage and better transfer speeds. And why not — the world is creating tons of data in terms of personal photos and videos. However, storing the data or making backups of them online is not as cheap. Your internet needs to be fast and cheap and, most importantly, the online storage space/services should be cheaper and safer.

Why not employ your own personal cloud and host it off your own house? With a Synology NAS, all you need is to invest on the hardware once and keep storing all your data on those network attached storage boxes. Access them from home or from anywhere around the world – for free. And with the latest DiskStation (OS) update, Synology promises a better solution. DSM 7.0 now provides 24/7 server monitoring and issue prevention, hybrid storage solutions with Synology C2 cloud service, and a new Moments app for complete photo management on the NAS itself.

Interested for your business too? Synology has an enterprise product portfolio which can now support dual active UC3200 controllers with iSCSI services, up to 60 bay NAS add-ons for up to 1PB storage capacity and fiber-channel support for higher speed data transfers.

For those who don’t know what a NAS is, well, a Network Attached Storage is a physical storage system that is loaded with multiple hard drives to store and serve/share data over the local network or/and the internet. Apart from just backing up and sharing data, you can also use the same box to host a website or an email server, run virtual machines, create media servers, record videos from surveillance cameras, create automated backups of all your systems, and a lot more.