Paranoid about the plague? Give Dr Insta a (video) call

Telemedicine app and service puts patients in touch with docs online

The Internet might be mostly cats, pirated games and videos your gran wouldn’t approve of, but sometimes it has a real-world purpose. Like asking docs whether your cold’s serious enough to get you out of a dreaded Monday meeting.

Photo sharing and games might be your favourite apps, but it sometimes makes sense to use the Internet for stuff other than that. Dr Insta’s one such service - it’s not a game, it doesn’t come with photo filters, and no, you certainly can’t use it for ordering pizza when you’re too lazy to even open a pack of Maggi. What it is, then, is a telemedicine service.

Sign up (via the app or the web), and you’ll soon be in touch with doctors who can advise you whether you need to stay in and get a lab test, or whether you’re just being a cry-baby who needs to suck it up and head to work even if India’s playing cricket and it’s raining outside.

They’ve got kids’ docs, nutrition gurus, psychologists, general medicine practitioners and plenty of other specialists on board. Dr Insta can also help fill your prescriptions and arrange lab tests. Ain't that handy!

Wanna give them a shout the next time you’re under the weather? Install the app on your Android or iOS device or just head over to the website.