Panasonic’s EX750 is a 4K Pro HDR LED TV that won’t hurt your pocket

Oh, there's no 'O'? No, it's not OLED, yo

LED? I thought it was all about OLED now?

Not so fast, naysayer. While OLED is doubtless the winner on contrast, it also tends to cost a fair bit more than LED - which is why we’re still getting 4K whoppers with LED tech built-in. Just like this new EX750 from Panasonic. It carries the badge of 4K Pro HDR, which basically means it’s a delightfully cinematic screen.

It’ll still have decent contrast, then?

Apparently so. Shipping only in 65-inch variant, the 4K Pro-equipped panel carries the same HCX2 processor as its OLED brethren - as well as Enhanced Local Dimming which, while unlikely to rival the true blacks of OLED, should mean less light glare and deeper, darker images. It has multi HDR support, although there's no mention of Dolby Vision. 

And it’ll be cheaper than an OLED?

You'll still have to empty your pockets and drop ₹3,10,000.