Panasonic Lumix GX8 crams 4K into a small, stylish system camera

The 20.3MP camera also combats your trembling hands with dual image stabilisation

Panasonic has expanded its interchangeable lens Lumix G range with another 4K-capable camera – this time in a comely, compact new design.

The company has previous in the area of 4K system cameras, first with 2014’s flagship GH4 and, earlier this year, the more affordable G7. But the GX8 cuts down a little on the bulk while being, for our money, a better-looking camera.

The body is constructed from magnesium alloy to increase its ruggedness, and it’s also dust- and splash-proof, making this one of the few Panasonic lens-swappers you can comfortably take to the beach.

It sports a 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds sensor paired with a freshly-upgraded Venus Engine processor that Panasonic says boosts low light capabilities. And it also debuts Dual I.S., which pairs in-body image stabilisation with (depending on the lens you’ve got fitted) in-lens optical image stabilisation. That, again, should improve its low light capabilities by automatically compensating for camera movement during longer exposures.

Panasonic hasn’t skimped on features, either. The touchscreen can be tilted and rotated in almost any direction, and even the electronic viewfinder tilts 90 degrees – something we haven’t seen in any other recent cameras. There’s also the now-customary Wi-Fi and NFC one-two punch, allowing you to pair swiftly pair the camera with your phone or tablet to transfer images or use your device as a remote control.

Panasonic says the Lumix GX8 will be available from late August, priced at £1,069.99 (a little over ₹1.06 lacs)