Panasonic launches rugged, video-junkie-approved wearable camera

The HX-A1 is perfect for recording your hands-on experiences

Millennials, rejoice!

First of all, we think that the very idea of making anything, well, almost anything, a wearable is just bloody brilliant. This is particularly applicable to cameras and video cams. The modern-day video-based adrenaline-chaser is no stranger to brands like GoPro and Garmin that offer pliable and customisable recording options. The brands, whose products along with their plethora of mounts and fixtures, make for a boon of sorts. Which is why making a camera wearable, in the true sense, was but the next step, and Panasonic’s HX-A1 seems to have nailed the proverbial nail on its head.

For starters, this 19,990 wearable lives up to the ‘rugged’ moniker by being waterproof (up to 1.5m) without the need for extra housing, shockproof (up to 1.5m), dustproof and even freezeproof till -10Deg C. All that while weighing just a smidgen, or 45 grams if you're finicky. It offers Full HD recording and measures a little over 3 inches long. Needless to say, it should feel comfortable in most hands, given its modest girth.

But the reason this phallic piece of tech is truly remarkable is that it has an in-built IR filter which can be used with an infrared source for some intriguing low-light recording. The HX-A1 is also wifi-capable and USB-sharing-enabled and can be fit on almost anything, from goggles and helmets to handle bars and other odd places, courtesy of the various mounts and stands available. With slow motion mode and a host of recording options available for seamless shooting, this might just be the wearable camera to beat. Not patient enough to wait around for a review? Head here to lay your hands on one then.