Osim’s uCaress 3D is the workaholic’s shortcut to Bangkok

Personal masseuse at your workstation

A massage in the middle of a workday? Whatttttttttt!!!

Yes, you got that right. Not only in the middle of your work day, but at your chair. This piece of information has the potential to start a Game of Chairs. Have we lost the plot?

Don’t think so – a warm rub down the neck and shoulders because we’re human, people! It’s not too much to ask. You think you work too hard? Osim has just the thing for you. A comprehensive 3D massage that slips comfortable on your office chair to soothe your back, relieve stress and loosen those neck and shoulder muscles you’ve straining staring at the screen, without leaving either work or your chair!

Pleasures of the job

Built to go on for hours, this magic massager won’t rest unless you turn it off. But how would you, if relief comes at the price of dozing off at your desk. What happens to that big presentation you’d been working so hard on?

However, if you do invest 22,000 in this personal masseuse, you’d probably be risking your productivity at work, but it’s a risk worth taking if you spend insane number of hours in the office and have no time left to visit a spa. Go indulge!