OnePlus launches in-ears out of nowhere

Surprises everyone, including yours truly

OnePlus, in its short history, has done many things that are commendable. With its latest, the X smartphone, enjoying more than a fair amount of success, we would think the team’s probably hit the beach, taken a break, you know... However, the design team has other plans. Out of nowhere, the company sends us their new in-ears.


The Icons are a pair of exquisitely designed in-ears that deserve a Jony Ive-voiced product video. Read the following lines in your mind in Ive’s voice: “The design is asymmetric with cues taken from the organ piano. We have designed the Icons’ diaphragm from malleable aluminium composite and a unique 51-deg angle design ensures a perfect fit every single time.” See what happened there?

It's not just the design that impresses, the Icons sound pretty darn neat too. The pair retails for US$50 (about 3000), and packs in a wallop of aural performance. OnePlus claims that the usage of 11mm drivers vastly improves your listening experience. We agree for the most part. Feed the Icons high-res audio and you will mistake them for something far more expensive. Bass has weight and the overall soundstage is immersive enough for you to forget about your surroundings and drown in the music.

Play Adele’s Hello and you know that the focus is on the delivery of mids, yet there is ample breathing space for the instruments to shine through. Spin something more upbeat like Losers from The Weeknd’s fantastic album Beauty Behind the Madness and the Icons’ sonic delivery is eager and engaging as the instruments start kicking in. Overall sound quality is fantastic, just make sure you play songs @320Kbps at the very least. Bass sometimes overpowers a tinge, but apart from that, the Icons sound fantastic for the price they are offered at. 

These in-ears also offer passive noise cancellation, which helps when you are in a mall shopping or when you commute. Thanks to a great 51-deg angled design, they fit perfectly. The package contains three different sizes of silicone ear tips that come in handy.To conclude, we are mighty impressed with OnePlus’ latest in-ears and now we want to see them come up with an audiophile grade headphone.

Game on, OnePlus?