OnePlus DR-1 is an April Fool's prank...

...and a very real remote controlled drone that you can buy

A few days back, we told you about OnePlus' plans to launch a drone christened the DR-1 in April.

If you head to the site today, you will notice that the company has pulled off an elaborate Fool's day prank but it will let you buy the DR-1 drone, which will be available as a limited edition toy.

Fly little birdie

The product is probably the tiniest remote-controlled drone in the world with a wingspan of just 70mm. Four flexible blades promise impressive lift while the LEDs should help your flight-plan. To pull off incredible acrobatic flight manoeuvres you can initiate the automatic 4-axis flips. Or simply choose to keep your pet entertained with a swooping flight-path.

The extremely tiny drone will take about 20min to fully charge and should provide a flight-time of approximately 5-8min. This is a one time offer, so pre-order quick while you can. $20 (about 1250) isn't a huge price to pay for the kind of fun it aims to offer!