Oculus handing out US$1 million for innovative Gear VR experiences

Upcoming software jam will reward developers for Samsung’s mobile virtual reality device

Samsung might be the biggest name behind the Gear VR peripheral for the Galaxy Note 4, but it’s Oculus providing the software for the unit. And the company wants more exciting experiences to tempt users to its platform.

As such, Oculus has announced the Mobile VR Jam 2015, which promises to award a grand total of US$1 million to virtual reality game, app, and experience developers who generate thrilling new experiences for the smartphone-powered headset.

“The Mobile VR Jam is an opportunity to build groundbreaking new experiences in collaboration with other passionate VR pioneers, and win cash prizes for innovative uses of VR-specific interactions and pushing the medium forward,” reads the ChallengePost page on the competition.

A grand total of 26 winners will earn a cash prize, with the best game winning its team US$200,000 and the best app or experience earning its makers US$100,000. Initial pitches are due by 20 April, and you can find a full list of details, stipulations, and rules at the official page.

The winners will be announced in early June. Of course, while this may help Samsung’s device the most in the short term, Oculus has its own Rift headset on the horizon that could very well support games designed for the Gear VR. And the more developers thinking about innovative VR experiences, the better.

[Source: ChallengePost]