Nvidia ‘Overwatch’ the GeForce Cup in India

A good reason to stay indoors

It’s about time the gaming Industry took heed of the potential of eSports in India.

Luckily, Nvidia heard us cry and will be hosting an inaugural edition of the GeForce Cup in India, which aims to promote new games in the eSports such as Overwatch.

Dell Alienware has also partnered with Nvidia to sponsor this baby up. So, you can expect the prizes to be...umm...SUPREME!


Eight of the selected cafes across India, which have been certified by Nvidia and use Nvidia GTX graphics cards, will be hosting the team of players who will compete against each other in Overwatch.

The tournament will comprise of 7 matches spread across 3 weeks, starting September 23 till October 8.

You can catch the live action of the Geforce Cup at Nvidia India’s Youtube channel and a Pre-show cast of the event on their facebook India page.