Now take a Hike up HikeLand

Safely hangout in a virtual world

While hanging out with friends and colleagues are completely cut down, at least for the next year ahead, how can you keep up with your daily dose of jokes and gossip? Using video calls and chatting in groups may be one method, but that’s now passé. Plan a stroll down HikeLand, a new virtual world by Hike, which is a safer place to hang out with friends, family and more.

HikeLand is part of Hike’s vision of building a new social future built at the intersection of Product, Design, Engineering, Art and AI. It was born out of an idea to push the boundaries on the UX and go beyond the decade-old user experiences such as messaging and feed etc. The early preview is being rolled out today and users can experience two unique shared experiences on the platform – Home and Big Screen.

Home is a private space where users can hang out with their closest friends. It is a voice-led experience where users can watch and talk together while enjoying videos too. Home gives users their own space where they can watch and talk together while enjoying videos powered by YouTube. Users will also have 8 amazing themes to choose from so they can customize their home with decor that reflects their personality. Keeping user privacy at the heart of the experience, no one can enter a Home in HikeLand without the user's invitation.

Big Screen is a place that brings people together around the content they love, paving the way for new friendships to blossom. Think of it as a theatre with a virtual twist where users can meet new people and form new friendships all while enjoying the common content they love. Big Screen is currently powered by YouTube and would be running shows 24x7 around Comedy, Sports, and much more. Users can hop into a show of their choice, hang out, watch videos with other like-minded people, and find out more about who they are watching this content with through their profiles and even message them.

So what are you thinking? Take a Hike to HikeLand today and make new friends in a new virtual world.