November issue of Stuff India - out now!

Season time for the new iPhone, OnePlus and Pixel

Putting together a wish list for November was as harrowing as it was fun. 

Trying to avoid duplicates, literally begging someone to remove a product from their list that you’d rather have on yours… phew! Even though Google’s new phones won’t be coming to India, it didn’t stop us from wishing for one. The wish list includes cars, coffee machines, bikes, retro video games and more… 

A satisfying issue in hand after all that struggle has been nothing short of an early Christmas gift. Read on to know more of what’s inside…


Cover story, Ahoy!

Listicles are fun to read, but definitely not as much to put together. Ours is a healthy mix of futuristic and retro, useful and fun, and ranging from ‘can-only-afford-in-your-dreams’ to ‘it’s-so-cheap-I’ll-have-five-of-these’ - it’s a wishlist that’ll make you start a conversation; even better, make you want to make one of your own. And if you do, feel free to borrow from ours!


Echoing upwards

Not-so-long-ago, we were in Seattle for the global launch of Amazon’s newest devices and services. When it comes to weather forecasts, pointless pub trivia and conducting the smart home, Amazon’s Echo speakers are peerless. Too bad most weren’t meant for India. Of the ones that are making their way here though, Echo Studio no doubt is the most powerful Echo to date. 


An Apple a day...

Apple has been making Macs, MacBooks and iPads for ‘Pros’ for a long time now, but we’ve had to wait until number 11 for it to stick the ‘P’ word on the end of an iPhone. But you can’t accuse the iPhone 11 Pro of not taking its title seriously. Apple has done some overdue catching up on the competition and we’ve got the full review for you in the Nov issue.

Starry, starry sky

Just recently we did a cover story on how capturing the mighty Himalayas and watching the Wimbledon matches would require vastly different cameras. Last month we rode the Royal Enfield, gazed at the starry sky and captured some breathtaking images from one such mighty cam.

Whatcha waitin’ for?

Looks like a nail-bitingly-good issue, doesn’t it? You cannot travel to space and back, but you can certainly let go of that post-Diwali lethargy and run to grab a copy of Stuff India from your friendly neighbourhood supermarkets and newsagents. If the lethargy beats you on this one, sign up quickly for an online subscription. Avail special offers, goodies or go read the digital edition courtesy of our friends at Magzter.