No Man's Sky footage reveals another piece of the puzzle

Still unsure what the colourful space simulator is all about? This video offers up some vital facts

Like most people, we fell in love with No Man's Sky from the first glimpse of its procedurally generated galaxy. Since then, to our dismay, information about the game has come sparingly to say the least.

For so long, all we knew of the game was taken from one sentence on its website: "a science fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy." Thankfully the team at IGN has secured 18 minutes of footage to help establish what No Man's Sky is all about.

The more we see, the more No Man's Sky reminds us of Elite: Dangerous: players are encouraged to engage with the universe as they see fit, choosing to get by as a scavenger, warrior or legitimate trader. The similarities don't end there either, and from the spiralling galaxy map to the mid-flight cargo haul, there's no doubt that this game owes a debt to David Braben's space-sim series.

Most importantly, the video has filled in one blank that we've been dying to know more about: objectives. According to the commentary, players will begin their journey on the galaxy's rim and most will attempt to get closer to the centre. Obviously a game concerned with freedom of choice won't force the matter, but it's good to know that No Man's Sky intends to imbue its universe with some sense of purpose.

No date has been set for the release of No Man's Sky but it will eventually be landing on PS4 and PC.