Nike's Air Max Ultra 1 Moire puts tiny air cushions under your feet

1987 saw the first Air Max 1. The year 2015 will see the shoe's best version yet.

New running shoes? Sigh. Exercise excites me as much as watching paint dry.

Curb your enthusiasm, buddy. We're not here to drone on about exercise. Casual sneakers are as much about comfort as they are about swag value. And we'll let you in on a little secret. Come close. *whispers* the Air Max 1 is 100% unadulterated swag, my friend. Consider that a free service right there. You're welcome.




Hey! I got bags of swag alright. But since you're feeling so generous, tell me more about these. That visible inner soul's making my tingly bits... tingle. Never mind. Go on. 

Uh. Yeah. We're just going to pretend you didn't say that and move along. Those transparent bits are where the magic lies. Nike calls it 'Visible Air'. What's that, you ask? We'll get to that part in a bit. But let's just say, it's the kind of innovation that's begging to be noticed. To Nike, hiding it from plain view was nothing short of a crime. So it's put the tech on full display for the world to see.


Ooh. 'Visible Air'. They made that in '87?! Still sounds like a thing of the future!

You got that right. In fact, that Air-Sole unit, as it was originally called, came to fruition way back in '78. Back in the day though, that beautiful piece of tech was hidden behind layers of foam. At this point you're thinking, 'well that's a shame'. To which Tinker Hatfield would say, 'Exactly my thoughts!' Who is Tinker Hatfield? Oh, only a lead designer at Nike. A trained architect, he's responsible for bringing the Air Max to life. He looked at the Nike Air like a piece of Parisian architecture, and in his mind, started to cut away at the surrounding foam midsole to reveal Nike's Air-Sole. And just like that, an iconic new design was born. One that would stand the test of time. For decades to come in fact. 

His name was Tinker! Coincidence? I think not!

You sir, are a genius. So was he, may we add. The good man travelled to Paris to see the city, but also, to visit the Pompidou Center. It was a building turned inside out, with a glass skin underneath. In his own words 'Coming back to Oregon, I had meetings with the technicians who were working on the larger Air-sole units and I relayed my thoughts: Maybe we could also expose the Air-Sole technology and create a shoe that's like no other.'

The man was a visionary! His ideas came along like a breath of fresh (wait for it) air. *smug face*

*Slow clap*. That was puntastic. The folk at Nike were still a bit skeptic in the beginning. But Hatfield and the team just picked up the ball and ran with it. Like that wasn't enough, Nike's team distinguished the shoes even further with a dash of the boldest colours they could find. And thus was born, the Air Max. Over the next 28 years, the concept laid the foundation for a whole series of iconic shoes under the Air Max brand: Air Max 1, 90, 180, 93, 95, 97, 2003, 360... the list goes on. The Ultra 1 Moire, pictured here, is our pick of the lot. It's an exciting mix of elements: visible Air-Sole, striking colours, a lightweight breathable upper and that perfect blend of sports meets lifestyle. How's that for pumped-up kicks!