The next Qualcomm processor has a trick up its sleeve…

...and it will let your smartphone take DSLR quality images

Qualcomm recently unveiled its new Adreno 5xx GPU architecture that promises even better performance than the earlier chipset, while consuming lower battery power.

The upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor will feature the new Adreno 530 GPU while the Snapdragon 620 will make use of the Adreno 510. Now that’s like 0-100kmph acceleration figures when we test really fast cars. Great on paper, but we are more interested in how fast it can go around corners without putting you in the past tense.

Similarly, while we love fast, energy-efficient processors, we also constantly keep an eye out for the ones that innovate. That’s where the new Snapdragon 820 catches our attention, because the new architecture will also debut the 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra image signal processing (ISP) unit, engineered to support superior DSLR-quality photography and enhanced computer vision.

So, apart from being able to take pictures that are sharper than an Irish business proposition, upcoming smartphones based on the Snapdragon 820 will unleash the next level of VR and photo-realistic graphics, without compromising on battery life. Compared to the Adreno 430 GPU, you can expect up to 40 percent lower power consumption and 40 percent faster performance. Overall colour accuracy too is poised to improve by a large extent with the new chipset, with shots exhibiting more natural skin tones via advanced, 14-bit dual ISPs supporting up to 3 simultaneous cameras (one in the front and two at the rear), and up to 25MP at 30 frames-per-second with zero shutter lag. Noise levels too will be kept at a minimum as you shoot in low light.

We have always waited for a smartphone that would arm us with superior camera tech. After all, carrying a heavy lens-rigged DSLR all day long is a bit of a workout for the kind of fit people that we are. It seems like our prayers will finally be answered.