New updates take the ‘Go’ out of Pokemon Go

And no, they have not changed the name

Keeping in mind the need for self-isolation and staying at home, developers of Pokemon Go have brought in a few changes to help players enjoy the game while being safe and sound at home.

Being the first game of its kind that gained global traction by changing the way “gaming” is perceived, Pokemon Go had the world flocking outdoors for them to try and “be the very best”.

Since the whole point of the game was to go out and play it, it is obvious that Go enthusiasts might have been missing out on the gaming experience. 

With the latest update, though, Niantic has made some changes to the game that Trainers (that’s what Niantic calls Pokemon Go players) can enjoy in the safety of their homes. One of the major changes is the introduction of the Remote Raid Pass that will allow Trainers to take part in raids from home. Traditionally, participating in Raids meant a group of players needed to gather in the area, but this new feature allows users to participate in any Raid Battles they can find in the “Nearby” section.

To get stuff like PokeBalls and Berries, players needed to go to PokeStops and swipe on them, but now players will receive bonus Field Research tasks daily without having to spin a PokeStop; when you run low on Gifts, your Buddy Pokemon will go to nearby PokeStops and bring some Gifts back.

There are other changes as well, but we’ll let you find out about those. You have the time after all!