New Star Wars app can do a surprising variety of things

Undoubtedly coded in Jawascript

The Star Wars franchise already presents enough content to facilitate life-consuming levels of escapism, and now there's a new app for iOS and Android that can help you avoid reality altogether.

In a move undoubtedly intended to gear up for the impending release of the The Force Awakens - which to our mind is 162 days away from release, not that we're counting - Disney has produced an app designed to be a kind of one-stop Star Wars shop.

Its list of functions is something of a Frankenstein's monster but what we suspect will initially hook users in are the guilty pleasure gimmicks. The first of these is the Star Wars selfie feature, which allows you to pop your face on the body of Princess Leia or show yourself getting all buddy buddy with some stormtroopers. 

Next up is something we've long sought after: a quality Star Wars soundboard. Using this users are able to replicate a whole host of sounds from the films which include 'Jabba laugh', 'R2-D2 scream' and our favourite, 'Jedi scum!'. 

As the old adage goes 'it's not over until you've made a GIF and slapped it on the internet', so Disney has decided to feature a selection of Star Wars GIFs (one of which you can see here) which can be easily copied and pasted into other applications. If you're looking for the perfect set of frames to convey C3P0 levels of incredulity, you may be in luck.

There are also some features we're not as mad about, such as the lightsaber trainer, which is bound to be a disappointment. Most ridiculous of all is the perpetually running timer which tells you down to the very second how far away you are from the release of The Force Awakens.


What you're likely to find more useful is the app's news aggregator which sources posts from all the Star Wars social media accounts and brings them to one place, including ultra-exciting things like trailers.

The Star Wars app goes live today but iTunes says this app is not available in the Indian app store. Yet. This spherical rock we live on be damned.

[via Gizmodo]