New OnePlus device has its eyes on drone industry

Teasers suggest the next OnePlus will have wings. Exciting times ahead...

Drones everywhere, seems to be the next motto for OnePlus, which has been rather successful in launching a premium smartphone, packed to the gills at a budget price.

Which is why we are sure excited about the upcoming OnePlus Two phone, that should be unveiled in the third quarter of this year. However, the Chinese company thought, it would be a good idea to fill the gap by diving in to a completely new category and launching the product in April.

As the news seeped out, the web pointed at a possible gaming device. However we managed to scroll down OnePlus's Instagram page and fish out a certain image that was posted with the title " We've been playing with our new drone and shot this photo of our building at night. What do you want to see next?" That was some time back, and speculation grew, but was overshadowed by the company's very own Oxygen update news, for its OnePlus One smartphone. The company promised to give away five devices in case it is not able to meet its 27th March deadline for the OS update.

A promise that it will have to honour because the update has been indefinitely postponed. We say that looking at our OnePlus One smartphone with a sad emoji.



Ask Me Anything

It was only when OnePlus decided to host a AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit, that one of the officials let the news out, confirming an imminent drone launch and that the product will be called the DR-1. He also added that the drone will go on sale next month. Keeping in tradition with offering feature packed, high performance products at budget prices, we expect the DR-1 drone to raise the bar even higher. We expect it to be feature packed and should give the current offerings in the drone industry a run for their money.

Keep your eyes peeled and you might just be able to see an actual image of the drone, here on soon enough.