The new Microsoft Nokia 216 comes with apps and free games

It follows the legacy of formidable 3310. Is it indestructible too?

Feature phones are still active in the market. They serve a very high purpose - of keeping all blue-collar people active 24/7. You'll find many a mastermind simultaneously wielding a smartphone and a feature phone, the latter tucked and veiled inside like a dagger for when the former runs out of juice.


The new Nokia 216 rocks a dual SIM in a durable polycarbonate shell. We haven't tried playing rugby with it yet, but we do remember the Nokias of yore.

The 216 supports a memory card of up to 32GB and comes with front and back VGA cameras. The rear camera also has a LED flash.

The Nokia 216 Dual SIM lets you download apps and games from the Opera Mobile Store and also offers one free Gameloft game every month, for a year… (We still want to play rugby with it).

It has all the basic ingredients of a regular phone, like music and video player, Bluetooth audio support and… any guesses? FM radio! Been a while since we saw one of those.

The Nokia 216 Dual SIM will be available in India from October 24 for 2,495.