The new JAYS headphones are Bluetooth-equipped, making them the perfect travel accessories

Portable and stylish cans for your ears

The JAYS’s newest addition, u-JAYS look premium and luxurious – something we’d sure love to flaunt, especially while commuting.

Well, maybe not on board a Virar local (we’d avoid that to save our own sweet life too, forget the headphones!), but definitely in a swanky business lounge at an airport. Simplicity and elegance being the key to this black and gold pair, the sound quality from the cushioned headset doesn’t disappoint either.

Drown out all the background noise, immerse yourself in the moment while your precious music is on, and enjoy the swish looks. Isn’t that the whole point of paying the price? The debut model of JAYS was launched last year, but now, with these new cans, wireless was a natural succession for the makers. The headphones connect to your device using Bluetooth, have full-feature touch controls and can last up to 25+ hours once fully charged.  

Once you get used to the wireless freedom the u-Jays have to offer for Rs.14,999 from headphonezone, the wired version will seem more like the weird version.