New Apple TV release slips into November, claims report

Making space for Apple's new set-top box? It might remain unfilled a little longer

When Apple announced its brand new Apple TV set-top box last month, the company pegged late October for the release. Unfortunately, a new report claims it'll arrive a little later than expected.

According to 9to5Mac, a reliable source for Apple scoops, sources say the box won't actually hit consumers until the first week of November. However, it should go on sale on Apple's website in late October, allowing consumers to place their orders in advance of actual shipments beginning.

It may only be a day of a couple weeks, max, but given the fanaticism that surrounds most Apple releases, it could be a frustrating delay for anyone eager to start playing Crossy Road on their TV. Or have a shiny new interface to watch Netflix from. (Look, if you've already got an Apple TV or a comparable streaming box, a couple more weeks of that won't kill you.)

The report adds that the delayed timing of the Apple TV will put it right alongside the iPad Pro in shipping to Apple Stores. That extra-large tablet will also debut the first week of November, apparently, and 9to5Mac says it'll also be up for pre-order online later this month.

The new Apple TV is priced at US$149, with no official Indian price announced just yet - but that shakes out to about ₹10,000. It comes with the new Siri Remote, which has a small touchpad, motion sensing controls, and a microphone for Siri (of course), plus the box brings the App Store to your TV along with the revised interface.

[Source: 9to5Mac]