Netgear’s Orbi promises better networking at home, in any corner

Make a mesh at home

While the lockdown may show relief in many cities around the world, there are a few too many who are not as lucky. Thanks to Mr Corona who is sure to stay for a while longer.

And if your network at home is spotty, then you need an upgrade. Create a mesh network at home and do away with all those dead zones at home – work from your living room or out from that balcony doesn’t matter then. Netgear’s Orbi Mesh routers are a great way to start a Mesh Wi-Fi network at home. It can cover up to 5000sqft area with up to 2.2Gbps speeds. And your friends will be surprised when you ask Alexa or Google’s Assistant to tell them the Wi-Fi password. Pick a Orbi Mesh RBK50 router-satellite pair and add more satellites as you go.