Need a plumber? Electrician? Carpenter? There’s an app for that

TaskBob joins the list of home service startups that are springing up like… startups

Was there ever a more glorious time for startups in India? Every 20-year-old and his little sister are on the startup wagon, and boy, the funding is rolling in. There are markets to be tapped and money to be made. One such hot market is home services and it’s gaining steam as player after player jump in to be the one with the plumber’s number.

TaskBob is a new online tool that connects you with registered servicemen - cleaners, carpenters, plumbers, drivers and more. You book through the app and the service professional will just show up at your door. According to the company, the servicemen at TaskBob are hired through multiple rounds of screenings and referral checks, so the chances of a serial killer with direct access to your bathroom are slim. TaskBob is available in Mumbai only for now, but it’s scaling up every week and is now operational in areas like Powai, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Marol and Thane. It claims a current 300+ transactions a day and boasts of 10,000 customers with a satisfaction rate of over 95%.

Startups like UrbanClap and LocalOye have a headstart on TaskBob, in terms of both revenue and reach. UrbanClap is now available in three cities, while TaskBob doesn’t even cover the whole of Mumbai yet. We aren’t complaining though. Let the competition heat up - prices will fall and services will improve. We’ll just wait for the day you can call a maid through an app to do the dishes because your regular one ditched you.