My Menu offers new ‘Ordering through QR code’ service to restaurants to ensure reduced contact

Peep into dining out through a QR code window...

For everyone itching to step out for a night about town, wanting to dine out, brace yourselves for a few more days.

Lockdown 3.0 wraps its tentacles around our desires even more firmly and squeezes the life out of them a little bit more with each passing day. While takeaways are staggering back on their feet, one order at a time, dining-in is still a little further on the horizon.

Dining out post pandemic would mean a complete overhaul for eateries to adapt to the new norms of social distancing. Ordering via a QR code is one such solution to eliminate germs passing around with the food menu. My Menu’s QR code is a strategic solution to order food from the guest’s mobile. The two-step process of ordering food includes scanning the code present at a restaurant on their mobile phones to see the menu and placing the order without the trouble of downloading any additional app.

What exactly is My Menu?

My Menu is a digital tablet menu platform already being used by many restaurants to upsell their food by uploading pictures and videos. The fear of infection through contact will be looming large for months to come, and hence the solution to the fear of contracting germs from the most-used item at a restaurant: the Menu card. The QR Ordering is an added service, apt for the current times for consumers, and it can further be used by most Quick Service restaurants and hotels to cover larger service areas.