My gadget life – Sachin Tendulkar

The Smartron shareholder on his digital life, his love for everything fast and how he spends hours playing Candy Crush

I love my tablet

I like listening to music and store my music on a tablet. I have one tablet only for music. It doesn’t do anything else. Wherever I go, I carry that because music is something I heavily rely on and keeps me going. What really helps this new Smartron device is the endless amount of cloud capacity.

I’m a night-time gamer

Playing an occasional round of Free Cell, Solitaire or Candy Crush before going to bed is a routine of sorts...

Years ago I put my name to a watch...

...the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Sachin Tendulkar watch and it still remains my number one favourite.

I love app-lying myself

I’ve been engaging with my fans on 100MB. Getting their response and interacting with them on the app is precious.

Speed is of utmost importance to me

Be it on or off the field, speed is important to me. When you hand over the ball to fast bowler, you expect him to bowl fast. Similarly when you get a good phone, you expect that to keep up with your pace because the mind has its own speed and not many gadgets can keep up with that pace. Fast user-interface is what I look for in a smart device.

I am the face of an Indie tech brand

When I met the team, I understood their vision – they want Indian people to take an taking the product to the rest of the world. Even I prefer something that is made in India and sent to various parts of the world. To compete with the best in the market is going to be a challenge and the team is committed to take up that challenge. Success doesn’t come overnight. Actions invariably follow your thoughts. In this case the thoughts are good, so actions will follow too.

The expert guide...

I’m no expert to guide them. It’s like Mahesh (Lingareddy, Founder & Chairman of Smartron) telling me how to play. I have my opinion, and he decides how to put this together.