MWC 2015: Google's Project Ara could be launched in August

The interchangeable, modular smartphone could finally become a reality in the not-so-distant future

Google's vision for the future of smartphones is about to become a reality, with its long-awaited Project Ara modular smartphone finally set for release in the coming months. 

The news was revealed by the little-known smartphone manufacturer Yezz at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Yezz unveiled a range of modules that will work with Ara, although it's unclear how many of them will actually be available come the supposed August 2015 release date. But with the likes of NFC chips, storage modules and even a gaming controller on show, it looks as if there'll be no shortage of options.

The modules will connect to the smartphone body via magnets, and will stay attached until the users gives a command to separate them.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, Yezz said it would be "contributing to [Ara's] vast accessibility, collaborating to establish a viable module marketplace that will allow for optimum customisation". Yezz won't be the only manufacturer to be involved with the project, but it's definitely one of the first to announce compatible modules.

So if all goes to plan in Puerto Rico, where Ara is currently being trialled, we could be able to get our tinkering mitts on the finished product in a little over six months. We'd better start writing our list of the various modules we want.

[Source: Pocket Lint Image: Engadget]