MWC 2015: 6 things you need to know about the HTC One M9

4. It's easier to hold

Much of the M9's design has been carried over from the M8. And we're perfectly happy about that. The M8 is a gorgeous phone and it would've been foolish for HTC to start from scratch with the M9.

That doesn't mean it's identical though. The M9 gets more angular edges, which should - and indeed, in our hands-on time with it, did - make it easier to hold. 

The design tweaks won't be to everyone's taste - some people may find the dual-tone silver-and-gold finish is a bit odd - but it sure as hell doesn't look like any other phone out there.

5. It has even better speakers

The M8's BoomSound speakers have been our favourites since we first heard them, with no other flagship able to come close to their volume and quality. And the M9's should be even better.

Why? Well they now have built-in 5.1-channel Dolby surround sound. Message to the competition: you have a year to catch up.

6. It's running Sense 7

Hardly a surprise, this: the M9 gets new HTC Sense software to go with the new hardware.

We've not had enough time with Sense 7 to give our verdict on it yet, but what we can say is that it's highly customisable but also very contextual. So, for instance, it can adapt its colour schemes to match those in your chosen wallpaper. BlinkFeed, the all-seeing eye at the heart of Sense, gets similar contextual awareness, serving up specific information based on location and time for instance.

None of this is new, exactly, but it should prove useful all the same.