MSI show off their gaming backpack PC that supports VR

A backpack, a midget PC that supports 6 monitors and work horses for designers, MSI has all sorts of crazies this year

It has been a good year for gaming enthusiasts, new and better tech keeps getting crammed into smaller and compact size devices. So much so that you can now wear a gaming PC on your back and rock a VR headset connected to it.

Feeling the ‘Dora the Explorer’ vibe yet? We did and we tried out all the other crazies from MSI as well.



VR One

One thing the Indian schools have trained us for is the ability to take the bulk of books on our back with ease, and this new VR backpack is definitely not some slip disc-inducing menace. It weighs only 3.6kg, probably the most lightweight and compact gaming PC backpack we’ve ever seen.

It comes with an Nvidia GTX 1060 8GB graphics card, Intel i7-6700HQ+HM170 processor with 16GB of RAM. Enough to power the HTC Vive headset and let you game effortlessly. With swappable batteries, it gives you a gaming time of 1.5hours and more if you go on a swapping spree with spare batteries.

Whether you like to ask annoying questions like Dora or you enjoy going on adventures like a little hobbit, let the VR ONE ring (saw what I did there) the chords for your complete VR experience. Though your adventure will cost you 1,79,900 (not including the HTC Vive).




It’s small and thick, perfect gift for someone on their birthday night because you know, gamers don’t sleep.

Don’t laugh yet, this tiny PC comes in a 6.5 litre chassis and looks like a tiny cute dustbin. But don’t let the size deceive you. This compact tech-bin can support up to 6 monitors and still game effortlessly at max settings. How you ask? Well for starters, it has a two Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI.

Add to that the Intel i7-7700K Kabylake processor and 16GB RAM. Over-the-top PCI-E Gen3x 4 SSD keeps the computer jumping with adrenalin and it also comes with Thunderbolt 3. See, not your regular ‘bin’. A tech-bin, that will set you back 2,64,900.



GT83VR 7RE Titan SLI

If the name itself wasn’t self explanatory then let me tell you, this laptop does more than just play high-end games. It can support VR and comes with two Nvidia GTX 1070 working in SLI.

Looks like everything MSI had to offer came with top notch specs, and they were not sparing the laptops either. Power packed with a Kabylake CPU and 16GB RAM and a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown, the only thing stopping a gaming character from coming out from it and teaching you the tutorial is the IPS-level screen.



WorkStation Series

Work, yes. High-end laptops are much revered in the design industry as much as in the gaming world, but both are different beasts.

Hence, MSI offers a new range of Workstation laptops powered by the Nvidia Quadro series as a perfect solution to boost those Autodesk and Autocad softwares.These Workstations are ISV certified too.

The WT72 (from 2,59,900) and the WS60 (from 2,19,900) both flaunt the latest Intel 6th-gen processors with up to 64GB and 32GB RAM respectively.   

While the WT72 is much bulkier and has a 17.3 inch display, the WS60 appeals to the slim profile segment with a 15.6 inch display. The 4K Anti-glare IPS-level panels also sport 100% Adobe RGB True Color display technology. There’s an option to upgrade to 4K on the WT72 (3,45,900) as well.