MRG-G1000RT: the best-looking G-Shock in years

But if you want one, best not muck about – there’ll only be 100 in existence

G-Shock watches went out of vogue around the same time as centre partings and rock-rap fusion, didn’t they?

Perhaps Casio’s rugged range of wristwear has been a little in the shadows of late, it’s true – but it’s still alive and kicking and, judging by its latest watch, delivering the odd truly desirable timepiece.

This isn’t a smartwatch is it?

Nope, the MRG-G1000RT is pure old-timey G-Shock. In other words, it’s designed with indestructibility in mind; resistant to water, electricity, vibration and being dropped on the floor by your careless chubby hands. But this isn’t any old G-Shock – it’s part of Casio’s G-Shock Premium range of higher end watches, and thus has its own unique story to tell.

And what might that be?

The MRG-G1000RT is inspired by the pattern found in the steel of traditional Japanese swords. The bezel and metal plate are made from an alloy that has been hardened by a recrystallisation process, the effect of which is a superior reflective finish that changes colour depending on the viewing angle.

Like those cars…

Yes… like those cars. Anyway, the watch also has a handful of other nods to time-honoured Japanese craftsmanship (namely metal engraving and gold-coloured details). On the technical front, there’s GPS and radio wave calibration to ensure the time is correct no matter where the wearer is on the planet.

And the price for this premium bit of watchcraft?

A cool £4,500 (about ₹4,15,000). The MRG-G1000RT will be on sale in the third quarter of 2015, but don’t delay if you like the look of it, because Casio is only producing 100 examples. Get your name on the pre-order list sharpish.

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