Move over MacBook: HP's Chromebook 13 will impress for less

Pixel power and quality for half the price

So your mates all have MacBooks, and you’ve got no patience for plastic - that rules out ChromeOS, right?

Not if you pick up HP’s newly announced Chromebook 13.

HP has cherry-picked some of the best bits from Google’s top-end Pixel, pumped up the performance, and wrapped everything in an all-metal body.  

Better yet, you won’t need to sell a kidney to afford one. Models start at US$499 - half the price of the Pixel.

HP has seriously delivers on looks, with an aluminium finish, soft-touch underside and some properly slick rounded hinges.

It’s super slim at 12.9mm, but HP has still squeezed in two USB Type-C ports for charging or hooking up to a display. There’s an old fashioned standard USB port, too - because let’s face it, 99% of the tech you own still uses it.

Even the basic model has a 1080p screen, An Intel Core M CPU and 4GB RAM, which is easily fast enough for Chrome OS, but the top-spec models are even more drool-worthy. 

How does a 3200x1800 screen, 16GB of RAM and the fastest Core M chip around sound? Move over MacBook, we think.

Every model has 32GB of on-board storage and an SD card reader for adding more space if you need it, and should last about 11 hours away from the mains.

If you're after a super-charged Chrome OS laptop, you can pre-order a Chromebook 13 right now. The first models should start shipping out in May.