The Moto Razr finally finds its way to India, and it’s quite sharply priced

Flippity floppity goes my smartphone…

So we are finally here. Moto took their own sweet time to get their most iconic design into the hands of Indians, but it’s finally here. 

Well, to be fair, Moto is not exactly to blame for this delay as the launch was planned for early April, but this little thing known as COVID-19 made them postpone the event. And for all those who might have forgotten the salient aspects of the Motorola Razr, and why we are so excited about it, here’s the lowdown on the hype. Harking back to a time when phones were not as smart, nor as large and chunky, a time when the phone industry was ruled by Nokia and its outright quirky designs, came the original Moto Razr with its sleek rich look and a supremely satisfying flip mechanism that almost made it the fidget spinner of phones.

After selling 130 million phones and about a decade later, Moto is back. Back with a new flipping phone. A flipping phone for the modern age, complete with a bending screen, Android OS and the look and feel of the original Razr.  The new Razr comes with a 6.2-inch pOLED HD+ display, a 16MP rear camera along with a 5MP front camera to capture your mug while showing off that smartphone and a 2510mAH battery. Packed with high-end specs the Moto Razr is not, but if you make buying decisions using that beating thing in your chest rather than the wrinkly thing in your head, the Moto Razr wins big time. And Moto is certainly banking on you to make decisions from your head, cuz no head is gonna justify the whopping ₹1,24,000 price tag.