Moto 360 Sport variant leaks, expected to release later this year

Will Motorola ditch leather and aim for a lower price? A new image suggests so

It's been a year since the original Moto 360 released, and we've seen a number of leaks and reports about its successor - said to come in two sizes, with small design changes. However, a more radical shift may also come to the line.

Above, you'll find an apparent first look at the Moto 360 Sport, which seems to feature a polyurethane band around the familiar circular design. As other leaked images of the second-gen Moto 360 have shown, the button moves up to 2-o'clock on the side of the body, but otherwise, the old look is mostly retained.

The so-called Sport model apparently comes in black, white, and orange versions, and it's not clear from the image whether the body can snap out to swap bands. Assuming an Apple Watch-like pricing model, the Sport version should be a bit cheaper than the standard model, and it naturally appears to make fitness capabilities a primary selling point.

Upleaks on Twitter, which leaked the image, suggests that the Sport model won't be released until November, while the new Moto 360 models will reportedly release this month following their expected unveiling at IFA 2015 this week. A lower-priced model for the holidays? Sounds like a fair marketing approach.

As for the metal and leather second-gen Moto 360 models, the watch is expected to be available in large and small sizes, with a rose gold version available in the smaller model to potentially appeal more to female wearers. All of the new Moto 360 models will maintain the "flat tire" look of the display, with the bottom part blacked out, while the metal watches will have larger lugs than the first-gen version.

Stay tuned this week, as official word is expected out of IFA 2015, and we'll be on the scene covering the latest and greatest in gadget reveals.

[Source: Upleaks via 9to5Google]