Moto 360 2 incoming

Brace your wrists, the successor to the gorgeous Moto 360 looks set to unveil itself soon

If you love the sleek minimalist look of the Moto 360, but can't get over that bottom screen cut-off, then there could very well be some good news for you.

The Moto 360 2 looks set to land in the near future, as a "Motorola Android Device" with the model number BTMW03 has cropped up on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Given that the original 360 had the BTMW01 model number, it's very likely that we're looking at the second generation Moto smartwatch.

The only information we can gather from the site is that it's got Bluetooth 4.1, which isn't massively helpful however.

The original 360 nailed the design aspect, but its older, less efficient processor let it down a little. If the Moto 360 2 has beefier specs and a truly circular screen like the LG G Watch R, then we could be looking at a new contender to take on the current Apple Watch champion.

We could see the Moto 360 2's official unveiling at Google I/O, which kicks off at the end of May, as that's where the current Moto 360 first made itself known to the world last year, so stay tuned.

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