Mophie’s new case charges your iPhone and makes it completely waterproof

One case to rule them all, one case to cover them, one case to shrug off water, and in the wetness dry them

Mophie’s built-in battery cases have saved many an iPhone from dying, and its latest case, the Juice Pack H2Pro, throws something a little extra into the mix.

In addition to providing your iPhone 6 with an extra 2750mAh battery - equal to around one and a half charges - it also blesses it with impressive IP68 waterproof powers.

Once encased, an iPhone 6 will be able to survive in 1.2 metres of water for up to 30 minutes, while still allowing full access to the screen and Touch ID home button, thanks to a flexible front membrane.

Obviously it’ll offer extra protection for standard drops too, while still providing access to the volume and power buttons. You’ll pay for all this extra functionality with chunkiness however, as your sleek iPhone 6 will double in width to 17.4mm.

If you’ve got a habit of getting wet then you can pre-order the Juice Pack H2Pro directly from Mophie for US$130, after which it should start shipping out in late May.

[via MacRumours]