Monument Valley creators’ next project is a VR game

Ustwo’s Land’s End will be released on the Samsung Gear VR in October

Monument Valley was one of 2014’s most striking mobile games, an effortlessly stylish MC Esher-inspired puzzler with mass appeal. And now its makers have turned their attention to virtual reality.

Developer Ustwo Games has announced that its next title, Land’s End, has been designed specifically for the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR headset. It’s an exploration game that appears to maintain a lot in common with Monument Valley, thematically and stylistically if not technically – an air of mystery and understatement abounds, and the art style is flat and elegant.

The very fact that it is a VR game in a full 3D space means that it’ll play very differently to Monument Valley, where the maps depended on 3D shapes being viewed on a 2D plane. It also uses little to no controls – you simply gaze at a point for a period to make yourself move towards it, and interact with objects by looking at them.

It sounds as though Land’s End will be, like Monument Valley, a game full of puzzles that aren’t so much mind-bogglingly challenging as pleasantly enjoyable to play through. A lot of the game’s appeal will likely be in merely inhabiting and exploring a beautiful 3D space.

The game will be released on 30th October, so we’ll see for certain if it can help drag the Samsung Gear VR out of its place as a mere tech curiosity into the realm of a truly appealing mainstream product (we doubt it, but you never know…).

[Source: The Verge]