Mom says gaming won’t pay?

Indian Gaming League says enter the sport

We’re actually talking about ESport

What’s that? Well, ask a gamer friend and he will rant on about how there are these teams of gamers who practice (play a particular game till they pass out) all year around and compete in a gaming league or tournament and win big money. How big? As big as the human ego. Prize money ranges from thousands of US$ to millions, yes, we aren’t joking.

However, there’s no Indian gaming team that competes internationally mainly because, well, we play cricket. Things are changing, however and some of us have realized that cricket is too much work. Why go through heavy physical torture when you can just sit on your backside, click away or smash buttons, get entertained and win all from the comfort of your home?

Don’t get too excited though, you won’t win a hell of alot. IGL or Indian Gaming League is India’s first Premier Professional Gaming League and is trying its best to convince your disgruntled mother into believing gaming is a good thing. A tough feat to achieve, yes, but with two platforms (online and offline) to bank on, not entirely impossible.

The online platform is host to a number of competitions over quite a few platforms which include PC, PS4, Mobile and XBox. Competing on IGL is completely free, and doesn’t require any form of payment. However, there are pay-to-enter tournaments and enrolling in premium memberships allows for bigger and better prizes. The annual IGL event will have achievers from the online leagues participate in mega competitions as teams and win cash prizes. Games are limited to three a platform so head to and start ‘practicing’.