Misfit Flash Link is a smart button with activity tracking powers

Control your music and take selfies with a single click

You’re probably familiar with Misfit’s miniature Shine and Flash activity trackers, and now the company has thrown a third little circular gadget into the mix - the Misfit Flash Link.

Paired with the Link iOS app (an Android version is out next month), the Flash Link acts as a smart Bluetooth controller, letting you control your Spotify and Pandora tunes, act as a remote camera shutter, or change slides in presentations - all with a few clicks.

The app isn’t compatible with the more expensive Shine (as it lacks a clickable surface), but it does work with existing Flash devices.

Extra functionality is also on the way, including IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integration.

Misfit tells us that its new Flash Link is “a Bluetooth control button first, while its secondary function is activity tracking”, which means that while it can count steps and calories burned, it only comes with a simple clasp.

The Flash Link costs just £20 (about ₹1985), which is significantly cheaper than both the flagship Shine (which ranges from ₹6400-7500 depending on the colour).

Those prices are taken from Amazon and are correct at the time of writing, and we wouldn’t be too surprised to see the price of the Flash Link itself drop after launch, to make it more competitive against the already wallet-friendly Flash.