This mind-melting forced perspective game could be the next Portal

Sit back, relax, and try not to blow out your neurons…

A five-person student team from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University has tickled our brains in a manner they haven’t been tickled in since we fired our very first portal gun.

Pillow Castle Games (as they collectively call themselves) has released a tech demo called the Museum of Simulation Technology, and it shows off an innovative use of forced perspective wizardry.

The goal of each level is to reach the exit, which is often unreachable in some way or another. And that's where surrounding objects come into play.

Moving objects further away from you increases their size, while moving them closer to you shrinks them down.

The tech demo shows off plenty of clever ways to use this unusual power, from using a gigantic painting of the Mona Lisa to bridge a gap, to dragging the moon down to Earth.

Things get even more interesting when portals are thrown into the mix. 

They too, can be resized, and walking through one can either turn you into a giant, or cut you down to the size of mouse.

It’s a combination of Alice in Wonderland magic with trippy physics, and we can’t wait for a finished product.

[Pillow Castle Games]